Patient Testimonials

“Several months ago, I was feeling terrible. Specifically, I could not sleep, had very low energy, hot flashes, depression, body pain, hopelessness; a general sense of malaise. I saw a slew of physicians prior to Dr. Terlinsky. They were either lacking knowledge regarding how to treat my symptoms, wanted to introduce a high amount of drugs to mask my symptoms or were just plain apathetic. My frustration culminated when a doctor handed me a note suggesting that I do my own research and that she couldn’t help me.

When I first met with Dr. Terlinsky, he asked me many specific questions about my medical history and was sincerely interested in getting to the root of the problem. He spent a concentrated amount of time with me, truly listened and offered an educated explanation as to why I was so out of sorts. He ordered tests that confirmed his initial thoughts.

For treatment, I have been using bio-identical hormones for the past couple months. My mood has elevated, I am able to function optimally with energy, and the depression has dissipated. I feel Dr. Terlinsky in his own way is a miracle worker. Most importantly, he truly cares about my physical health and does everything he can to help me. In addition, Dr. Terlinsky is monitoring my progress. Unfortunately, he is an anomaly in the medical field. To me he is a blessing.” S.L.

“By the time I had my appointment with Dr. Terlinsky at Nuliving Optimal Wellness and Longevity Center in Arlington Virginia , I was a train wreck. My periods were irregular and I was experiencing heavy menstrual bleeding. My weight had increased by 15 pounds, my breasts seem to hurt continuously , my sleep was completely interrupted, my skin was dry and itchy and I had absolutely no energy. My health had been excellent and I have followed what I thought was an extremely healthy diet and lifestyle. I can’t remember the last prescription medication I had to take. My doctors had recommended creams for my skin and antidepressants. They reassured me that all my blood tests were completely normal. The only thing my gynecologist recommended was birth control pills or a D&C.

I spent nearly 3 hours with Dr. Terlinsky and subsequently went over my physical and blood urine and saliva tests with him. I was amazed at the findings. My thyroid was underactive, my vitamin D and iron level were extremely low and all of my reproductive hormones estrogen, progesterone and testosterone were low. Dr. Terlinsky told me that my tender breasts were related to relative estrogen dominance and inadequate progesterone production. I also decided to have Dr. Terlinsky perform a special comprehensive nutritional assessment which revealed multiple vitamin deficiencies, low antioxidant levels and low omega 3 levels.

I was given customized bio- identical hormones including estrogen progesterone and testosterone and thyroid hormone which Dr. Terlinsky showed me how to adjust. I was also given several important supplements. Within a few weeks, I felt much better. My breasts were no longer tender, I had increased energy and motivation and my libido had begun to improve. It is impossible for me to describe the value that Dr. Terlinsky’s expert medical analysis and treatment has provided for me. I’ve never had as thorough a medical evaluation as I did when I saw Dr. Terlinsky. I would advise any woman or man with symptoms of hormonal deficiency or imbalance to see Dr. Terlinsky at Nuliving Optimal Wellness and Longevity Center in Arlington Virginia.” C.S Age 50 Potomac, Maryland

“I am a 48-year-old property manager responsible for 6 rental units. For over 22 years, my work consisted of numerous challenging tasks requiring calm and careful action. If I was not dealing with angry renters I was usually busy with contractors who required a lot of attention. I did all this often working 10 or more hours a day and came home with energy to be with my husband and take care of my family. However over the past 3 years I experienced increasing difficulty concentrating at work, a sense of “fogginess” in my head, declining energy reserves. I have never experienced moodiness, anxiety or depression but all of a sudden they were with me all day long. I have a wonderful husband and great kids but I found myself increasingly snapping at them. My libido had taken a prolonged vacation.

My periods have become somewhat irregular and I was having more nights of restless sleep. My gynecologist told me that it was not my hormones but likely stress and depression. My internist suggested I try an antidepressant which had no effect other than completely wiping out my sex life. After reading Suzanne Somers’ book, I was convinced I was in early pre-menopause and needed to find a skilled physician to help me rebalance my hormones.

I saw Dr. Terlinsky for almost 3 hours during which time he examined me and took an unbelievably detailed history. Dr. Terlinsky explained that I was having symptoms of hormonal imbalance and he recommended several blood and urine tests. When the results came back I was found to have slightly low estrogen levels but very low progesterone levels. My adrenal glands were also starting to fatigue. I was given biomechanical estrogen and progesterone and the nutrient support program for my adrenal glands. Within 6 weeks, my mood was back to normal, I had excellent energy levels in daily life was no longer filled with impossible struggles. My relationship with my husband was back to normal. During my visit with Dr. Terlinsky, I was given a hormonally balanced nutritional plan which produced 12 pounds of needed body fat loss. I feel fortunate to have found Dr. Terlinsky as he has given me my life back once again.” R.H.